About Zengularity

Zengularity’s founders didn’t choose the “large IT consulting” / “selling people” kind of business mode, but the one that matches typical great successes in the United States: a community of experts that are passionate and wholeheartedly convinced by a vision.

Our employees, which we call Zengulars, are always together in Zengularity’s agency. They work on R&D projects, with the CTO, or on our clients’ projects.

Our vision is the web

Zengularity is a community of creative engineers working on building high-performance web software, serving a deeply transforming economy, with some domains experiencing transmutations.

Our focus is the web

It structured our culture of technical excellence, and our ability to deliver high-performance web softwares. Our community gets involved in the most complex issues that exist today while building web softwares, to solve them in elegant manners.

Our clients appreciate our community-driven ways, and send their own people immersed within the Zengulars’ community. Some are even part of the founding of our ambitious R&D projects.

Why are we partening with DotJS

We are really delighted to be a part of the dotJS 2014 edition. We look forward to meeting you who share our passion for JavaScript and for web.

Be sure to come by and meet us at our stand and at our dotJS workshop : Saturday, November 15th.