About Wakanda

Backed by thirty years of proven expertise in providing professional grade development and fast databases, Wakanda is the most productive development platform to develop and deploy business apps in the cloud or on-premise.

With extremely fast time to market and cutting-edge technologies, our powerful tools drive down the costs of both development and maintenance.

Wakanda is available in an open source version and can be used for free!

Wakanda technologies

Wakanda Server is based on a model-driven NoSQL object database, a JavaScript application server, and a powerful HTTP REST server.

Wakanda tools

With Wakanda Studio, you'll enjoy using the Data Model Designer to build or code your data model in pure JavaScript, with fine-grain control over permissions and workflows, with highly reusable code via CommonJS packages and server versions of HTML5 APIs.


AngularJS is great for front-end development and it can be even better when associated with a great backend. That's why, we have created Angular-Wakanda.

With Angular-Wakanda, you can simply consume data from the NoSQL database and JavaScript back-end.

Angular-Wakanda Connector keeps things running smoothly on the client:

  • Rapidly traverse data object relationships
  • Navigate your paginated data quickly
  • Easily define query filters
  • Control for lazy loading strategies
  • Live data scrolling

Angular-Wakanda Generator accelerates application scaffolding and comes with a complete development environment:

  • Auto-generated files
  • Correct structuring of your project
  • Advanced debugging tools (watch, unit testing, JSLint)
  • Application builder (minification, obfuscation)
  • Live reload in the browser

Come Visit Us!

Just like you guys, we love JavaScript! And dotJS is the perfect fit to show you our full new Angular-Wakanda connector.

Combined with our powerful backend solutions, we will demonstrate how to bridge from your server model to your Angular code and keeps things running smoothly.
You'll see how your front-end can get easy navigation through data object relationships, very fast paging, easy query filters and manage strong control on lazy loading strategies!

Available through Bower and providing its own Yeoman generator based on the standard Angular one, Angular-Wakanda will naturally integrate and enrich your existing development ecosystem.

And guess what? It’s free and open source!

Come visit our booth for videos, live demos and talks with the team !

Try our connector : yo angular-wakanda.